Not without these tears…

October 10, 2010 at 6:41 pm (Music) (, , , )

Not without these tears..

This is a soundtrack to the Comedy Movie Yaya and Angelina under GMA films.  I’ve tried to search for the lyrics of the song but wasn’t successful.. What I did was to watch the movie again in the part where this song was played and tried to wrote down the lyrics. Hope I got it all correctly..

I can tell by the look in your eyes that I soon that it’s over

I can feel from the start.

You’ll be breaking my heart..

It’s worse than I remember..

and though I know that we eventually will go our seperate ways..

We’ll say goodbye but not without these tears

As you open your mouth, I can see there’s no doubt –

You’ll be having a hard time trying.

You don’t know what to do

I feel that way too

Inside I’m already crying..

Should I see us then, or hold you hand oh I know since it takes forever just to get around..

and though I know that we eventually don’t know bout you but I’m sure of me..

We’ll say goodbye but not without these tears..

We’ll say goodbye but not without these tears..

Sad isn’t it?  No matter what relationship it is, sometimes, we really have to say goodbye..especially if it’s the only thing left to do.. 😦



  1. Paul Martin said,

    Hey, I read your post.. i’ve been searching this song about an hour, thanks for the info i found it 🙂

    • Darwin Tuscano said,

      You’re welcome dude. Good for you, 1 hour ka lang, ako, I searched the song for weeks. haha! :p

      • Paul Martin said,

        ahahahah… nka info na kasi sa blog mo ahahahah

  2. Charles Rodiano said,

    What’s the real title and who’s the real singer of this song???

    • Darwin Tuscano said,

      hmm, I don’t know. I just heard the song from the movie. I thought it was Michael V, but it’s not. GMA Films never released soundtrack of the movie so we will remain clueless forever. LOL

  3. Cris Edren said,

    Thank you for this… I’ve watched the movie just last thursday… and i really found it very touching…. hehehe.. kaya search ako agad2x sa title.. ung na.aalala ko lang ay yung we’ll say gudbye but not without these tears.. hahaha… thank you!!!!……

  4. Paulo Martin said,

    Not Without These Tears ang title.. music and lyrics by michael V. performed by joey generoso.. nasa dulo po ng movie sa credits ung mga details na yan..

  5. Hynnah Fuentes said,

    Haha, Nainteresado din ako sa title ng kantang to nung una kong narinig sa movie. Cool. xP

  6. mainemaine said,

    ^^ great!

  7. Hakko Venus Palapar said,

    This song made me think of a person, whom I fell inlove with, but now he’s gone :/ . I hope this song will also make me forget him

    • Hakko Venus Palapar said,

      I hope this song will HELP me forget that failed love

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